Life As We Know It

Drawing by author

Like a flower
that refused to bloom,
like a star
that refused to shine,
life as we know
it is on its last legs.
The blue skies have
turned dark in daytime.

We did our part,
as poets and dreamers.
Hate and destruction,
is always lurking.
Terrible shadows
disperse throughout.
Misery, sadness,
takes its toll on us.

The sun will return.
The flowers will bloom.
Hope is a star that
will refuse to die.
One day memory
will forget all this.
Death lurks in a sneeze,
a droplet in air.

We are left to fend
for ourselves, going
mad, let us live in
grandiose thoughts and
live in a world where
hate does not thrive. Turn
off the television.
It is all a hoax.

Luis lives in California and works in Los Angeles. His poetry has appeared in Blue Collar Review, Dissident Voice, and Struggle Magazine. Read other articles by Luis.