Somewhere Between Rage and Surrender

A blaze of chipmunk crosses a flash and smoke of snow
What in that makes you anticipate necessity?
Move to a single storey home or condominimum
Long before any fire has died

True, nothing, on either side of any fence
Can set us completely free
Chained to bodies, food and sleep
Labor, change, and age
Yet we can choose to be equal, if not to change, at least to one another

Nor need any day be without something new and more
Something learned, made, seen, heard, done
Toward which, rather than rage, we can persevere
For no light ever dies
Not even when we do

In gratitude for what is, for what we are
Tolerant of loss and disorder
Fine, leaving what we must without regret
But why not go on climbing and defining
Spirit, energy, light, warmth, a way—the way, all ways

Alan Cohen was a poet before beginning his career as a Primary Care MD, teacher, and manager, and has been living a full and varied life. He has been writing poems for 60 years and is beginning now to share some of his discoveries. He’s been married to Anita for 41 years, and they’ve been in Eugene, OR these past 11. Read other articles by Alan.