How Do I?

The clouds arose
Filled the eternity and
The darkness grew along with it,
I could only hope
They would burst and release
The trapped-
Alas the wings shielded,
Expanded, engulfed and wrapped
The world grew darker as never before,
How could I then choose
Between shelter and otherwise, how could I
When the hunger strikes-
A shelter that chokes
A shelter that does not hold
Its victims, from the run up to salvation,
How could I
Remain, where no one cares
Where it begins and where it ends,
In a queue, so long
With children half clothed, half fed
No, no one can-
Rising dust is pink, shadow of an eagle
As large is coming
Near and then nearer, it shall close all,
How do I,
How do I, then choose
When I do not survive?

An engineer and management consultant by profession, writing is what Abha enjoys most and she hopes to write more socially relevant poetry. Her poems have appeared in Muddy River Poetry Review, Spillwords, Sparks of Calliope, Verse Virtual, Dissident Voice and elsewhere. Abha currently lives in the city of Bengaluru. Read other articles by Abha.