American Spring

Give me this sparkling
gulp of street-dance
drum-guzzle thrum-beat
after the storm
This bubbling moment
from strangled to soaring
a late season
of butterfly wings

Give me this river tonic
a newborn with two dads
girl’s blond locks skipping
a Black man’s tears
steeped and brimming
like paddle-board skimming
between submerged
and a sunset

Give me this
November fizz
and pictures snapped
of skies still intact

but shaking
before another
So give me this

Kathleen Klassen is an emerging writer who discovered poetry as a source of healing after injury. She has been published on, Anti-Heroin Chic,, with In/Words Magazine and Press and looks forward to upcoming publications with Alternative Field and ottawater. Read other articles by Kathleen.