Can you imagine?
Legality doesn’t turn
On the track of your concerns.
Speak to the manager
About being treated average.
Threaten to sue,
Store policy not applicable to you.
Distain for a world
That doesn’t bend over backwards.
Clutch your pearls
Perseverate on words.
Color with anger
Your point of view in danger.
Sensibilities soothed:
Patrol car arriving soon.
Confront then play victim,
Social media bears witness.
Flummoxed without validation,
Karen, times are changing!
Gossip from ignorant mouths,
Entitlement thrives underground.
Resorting to scandal and secrecy,
Salacious claims of the busybody.
Laying down the law of convention,
Hysterics are your finest weapon.
Declaring exaggerated reservation
From behind white picket fences.
Deal with the fact that it takes all kinds
To keep the American Dream alive.
A new normal not conditioned
On bending others to your whim.
While you were busy holding court
A communal chorus gained support.
The new family moving in
Shouldn’t face the wrath of your chagrin.
Self-appointed lady of the house
Must share the shine of society’s crown.
Karen, will you still be special
When white privilege isn’t your go-to?

Christine Wishnoff is a Scientist. Health Analyst. Astrologer. Mother. Word Lover. Spiritual Warrior. Cultural Observer. Peace Broker. Dreamer. Protector of Vulnerable. Community Volunteer. Adventurer. Creative Problem Solver. At One with Nature. She has been featured in i?Literary Journal, Train River and MahMag. Read other articles by Christine.