A Story Unfinished

The ticking of clock, lured
Music emanated, camouflaged, intermittent
From behind the mountains-
Through the ravaged roads
Amid the houses razed
The trail of the hidden, it was no great treasure
Or a mystery murder-
Half cooked food lay, stuck to the vessels
The rest, strewed on the ground
Fanned from above, waiting to be served-
As if the sea had bared
It’s soul, now calmed, after the storm
The crying had stopped, long ago-
The horror stood, statued, a daze
That rose and fell, lingered, in oblivion
Leaving it to Time, to lay it’s claim
On the story, yet to finish
A ceasefire, that seemed untimely-
Armenia and Azerbaijan.

An engineer and management consultant by profession, writing is what Abha enjoys most and she hopes to write more socially relevant poetry. Her poems have appeared in Muddy River Poetry Review, Spillwords, Sparks of Calliope, Verse Virtual, Dissident Voice and elsewhere. Abha currently lives in the city of Bengaluru. Read other articles by Abha.