“Mama I’m Thru!”

“Mama I’m thru!”
Tired of being abused.
Keep your mouth shut.
Put your hands up.
Stand by in pain,
Boys dying in vain.
A plea for mercy
Tucked into apron strings.
Mamas of the world unite,
Justice is on our side.
Each of us nurtures
The potential of children.
The chance to become a man,
Lead us to the promised land.
The hope of each family,
Another generation to carry.
Your grief is our cause:
Equal treatment under the law.
Belief in the merit
Of the interminable spirit.
We uphold the worth
Of your black boys and girls.
As surrogate parents,
We maintain awareness.
No turning a blind eye
To brutal regard for life.
No child can breathe
In a world without peace.
No society can prosper
Without the power of mothers.

Christine Wishnoff is a Scientist. Health Analyst. Astrologer. Mother. Word Lover. Spiritual Warrior. Cultural Observer. Peace Broker. Dreamer. Protector of Vulnerable. Community Volunteer. Adventurer. Creative Problem Solver. At One with Nature. She has been featured in i?Literary Journal, Train River and MahMag. Read other articles by Christine.