As the crow flies
It’s a hair-trigger’s breath
From holiday to death

As the crow flees the beach
The camera cowers
It’s sold its heart of art
For a full spread in the gutter

As the camera laments
It’s not designed to rewind
The terrified sea
Grabs its bags and takes flight
Washes up in Italy
Another frightened migrant

Stranded, the sand
Stuffs its pockets with its hands
All is rage
So, who’ll try to understand
It’s not the guilty party
When bloodstains are proof
Who will move the mountain
For a single grain of truth

As the last sand slips the hourglass
The gun
Rests its barrel
Has a smoke
Then cocks an ear
For whoever’s shouting loudest
And begins to plan
Its next holiday

Andy Conner is a Birmingham, UK-based poet and educator, with a long track record of performing his work nationally and internationally. His credits include BBC Radio 4, Jaipur Literature Festival and India International Centre. His work ranges from the humorous to the very dark. Some of Andy’s poems have been written to help children of all ages deal with issues such as bullying and domestic violence. Recently, he has also worked in British schools, conducting workshops for National Refugee Week. He can be reached at andyconner@blueyonder.co.uk. Read other articles by Andy, or visit Andy's website.