The Other

The Other
Dwells among us.
Serving as labor,
A waving neighbor.
The Other
Has become a bother,
Demanding respect and honor.
An end to the downward spiral
Of historical denial.
The Other
Has become the sacrificial lamb
How many must die for freedom?
The Other
Walks among us.
Showing in crisis,
Institutions breed bias.
Sit and remain quiet
Denounce the riots.
Pretend you have no idea
Why the anger is so real.
A hand in each pocket:
Each is reliant
On a social contract
That fails to protect.
On the big screen
With witnesses at the scene,
Rationalize the actions,
Don’t understand the reactions.
Criminalize the destruction
Instead of feeling the raw pain.
Indifference to injustice
Is the enemy amongst us.

Christine Wishnoff is a Scientist. Health Analyst. Astrologer. Mother. Word Lover. Spiritual Warrior. Cultural Observer. Peace Broker. Dreamer. Protector of Vulnerable. Community Volunteer. Adventurer. Creative Problem Solver. At One with Nature. She has been featured in i?Literary Journal, Train River and MahMag. Read other articles by Christine.