Perpetual Sleep

There comes a time
When we must awaken
From our perpetual sleep,

When injustice becomes
So heinous that it’s more
Than society can take.

This relapsing cancer of
Hatred and prejudice to
This day runs so very deep,

And must be eradicated
Down to its root if we are
To ever rest in peace.

For we must seize this very
Moment in time while our
Consciousness is increased.

We must place humanity
Above this insanity if we
Are ever to be released.

For we are but one race, the
Human Race, with many
Cultures from west to east,

And once we’ve come to that
Realization our civilization
Will not require to be policed.

For it is but a dream I have,
But now we must awaken
From our perpetual sleep.

For no life lost comes without
A ripple effect, and the price
Of indifference and neglect

Is not only vile, but skin deep.

There is no place in a
Civilized society for
Police brutality!

Kenneth Vincent Walker is a "New Formalist" Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Performer, and Author of BORDERLINE ABSURD (An Exercise in Rhyme and Reason), published by Poem Sugar Press 2015. Read other articles by Kenneth Vincent.