A Message from Homeland Security to all Neighborhood Homeowners

We’re breaking into your homes though inconvenient it might be.
We’re going to make sure that you’re as “safe as safe can be.”

We’ve reports of violent protests around your neighborhood.
Yet as far as we can see, your family is good.

If you’ve any family members who could act out violently.
We may cart them off in unmarked cars. guilty prima facie.

This would be for their protection, again “safety is the key.”
And if no one knows where they’re taken, they’re as “safe as safe can be.”

Please do not tell anyone, because our operation you’d jeopardize.
We strongly urge you to keep quiet – talking would not be wise!

Again, we do this for your safety. We’re sure you understand
that the actions that we’re taking secure all Der Homeland.

Randy Mazie wanders the North Georgia Mountains after living in South Florida and growing up in New York City. He’s had the best of all color-filled worlds: the Big Apple, the Balmy Orange and now the Beautiful Blue Ridge. He has Master's Degrees in Social Work from Columbia University and Business Administration from Barry University. His non-fiction has been published in professional journals, fiction in Defenestration, and poetry in numerous media including Light, The MacGuffin, DASH, and the Anthology of Transcendent Poetry, Cosmographia Books, 2019. He occasionally blogs at www.thewritersvillage.wordpress.com. Read other articles by Randy.