We Brought Her No Joy

In the grand scheme
She was but a child.
Young and beautiful.
Words from her lips
encouraged and emboldened us.
She would ask
and we would give.
Those were the greatest,
but times changed–
our commitment to her,
our love for her.
We brought her no joy.
Her heart faded.
But we were strong.
We could bring her back.
But she fell ill,
her light fading.
Some of us rushed to her,
kissing the breath of life
back into her,
pleading forgiveness.
She could not yet
speak for herself.
Some wanted to let her die,
bury her,
find a new one.
Others felt her heart,
a single beat.
Who will lead us
if she dies?
Who will carry the banner?
Who will carry the sword?
Some raged.
Some cried.
We all wait
praying the bright light
is not the end.

Gary Wenkle Smith is a trial lawyer, practicing law in Southern California for the past 40-years. He has tried over 200 jury trials, including over 100 murder trials and other serious felonies. Mr. Smith has two published novels, The Last Midnight, and Inside the Lie, as well as Long Night of the Soul, a book of poetry, verse and other writings. He has also published This Side of Too Late, which is a compilation of articles and poems on the state of America since September 11, 2001. His latest publication is Deadly Night Shadows, a true story. He is also a painter. He is an active member of the 12-Step community. He has trained for the past twenty years at the Trial Lawyer’s College with the world-famous trial lawyer, Gerry Spence, and dozens of the best trial lawyers in America. Read other articles by Gary.