England Today

I see in England, yes, in England
a social service privatised
choosing their patients
care optional, love by licence.

I see food banks thriving
people queueing for dignity
boxes packed with disbelief
poverty in a packet.

I see jails overcrowded
with vaguely held convictions
reprieve now postponed
as justice waits.

I see homeless beggars
sinking into obscurity
identity a cardboard box
indifference passing by.

I see a lack of houses
discontent fenced in
homesick people priced out
how much does dignity cost?

I see libraries are closing
literacy a closed book
inquiries with no answers
photo-copying the future.

I see our lasting legacy
children with stunted pasts
an inverted inheritance
burdened by our history.

Alan Ford has been writing poetry for about eight months and is interested in unusual subjects rather than traditional ones. His work has been published by literary magazines Down in the Dirt and Ariel Chart. Read other articles by Alan.