I was
watching a
documentary on
the Shaolin
Temple when
a priest
who is
an herbologist
says that
the timing
and atmosphere
are crucial
to the
mixing of
the herbs
even the
crow of
a rooster
can ruin

and I
know this
is true
the same
i know
that all
it takes
to ruin
my sleep
my rest
only found
in a
delicate balance
of medication
alcohol meditation
and prayer
is the
sound of
a helicopter
flying over
my house

that sound
and I
am awake
and running
looking for
my uniform
heading towards
a hospital
in a
war I
left over
nine years

Matthew Borczon recently retired from the United States Navy reserve after 20 years of service. He has published 17 books of poetry; the most recent PTSD a Living Will is available through Rust Belt Press. He is married with 4 children Read other articles by Matthew.