The Face-Masking of America

“What is the Secret of Soylent Green?” — leading question from the theatrical trailer to the 1973 major motion picture release Soylent Green.

We live in an age of Fake News based on Alternative Facts spanning the full spectrum dominance of mis-to-disinformation.  One rides the painted pony of the Major Media Circus and this “brave new world” becomes one mad, gyrating, hallucinatory blur.  Acid for the Masses, with “Reality” transformed into a vast, virtual Rorschach Blot.  Baked into this seemingly infinite “blot of info” — like some other virus spliced into a coronavirus in a Bio-lab, for example — are equally endless pharmaceutical ads promising to generate long laundry lists of bizarre side effects that tend to dwarf the original disorder that they claim to symptomatically mitigate.

However, before getting all Fire-and-Brimstoned up here, I would like to acknowledge a mis-statement of “fact” on my own account.  In my article “This Novel Flu-nancial Crisis:  COVID-1984?” published by Dissident Voice on March 29, 2020, I wrongly wrote that the “1917 Sedition Act is still on the books.”  In fact, it is the 1917 Espionage Act which is still statutory law today.  The Sedition Act was a 1918 amendment to the Espionage Act which criminalized all public criticism of the United States Government and its then “War Effort.”  Along with many other war-specific laws, the Sedition Act was repealed in late 1920.

Clearly, some facts are just that, “facts”:  soundless, colorless, odorless facts, like punctuation marks; a comma is just a comma, period. Nevertheless, I would also note that the spirit — or ghost — of the 1918 Sedition Act appears to be both still alive and hauntingly well, especially in the eerie light shed by the current Internet de-platforming phenomenon…

Amidst the Biblical Deluge of information-spectacle that we are daily subjected to, an invisible beast of censorship in the stealthy form of de-platforming has arisen. This monster, like a virus, wears a mask of unelected authority and wields a baton of official doctrine composed by clever cabals of so-called “experts.”  The current coronavirus crisis narrative is an obvious case in point.  So:  What are the Facts?

There are many things that the COVID-19 is not, including the Bubonic Plague, the 1918-19 H1N1 influenza pandemic, nor even the comparatively localized (or so we are told) SARS-CoV-2 of 2003.  This one’s a “novel” virus, but its lethality is entirely debatable, not to mention its transmissibility; everyone’s a Socrates these days, it appears, when it comes to the new coronavirus.  One month we’re told that masks are not sufficient protection from infection, but then the next month “masks” are mandated without a fiber of evidence produced for the new-found revelation of the efficacy of facial coverings.  Should we all just drink the Hemlock now or later?

What a strange state of affairs, or so-called knowledge.  One wonders:  Did Anthony Fauci look at his crystal ball or Ouija board one night and divine that this novelty virus obeys simple symbols the same way most people adhere to “Keep Out: Private Property!” signs?  Why should we all be praying for a “silver bullet” vaccine when we’re constantly being told that the virus is changing all the time as it forages its invisible way across the planet?  Who really thinks — besides the Faucist, Gates, DARPA, or WHO crowd — that a COVID-19 vaccine will make a lick of difference against the next coronaviral mutation?

Old McDonald had a Big Pharma…

Bobbing up-and-down in a horizonless Sea of dis-to-misinformation, I would like to suggest a straw hypothesis concerning this current coronaviral “Cloud of Unknowing.”  Comically, perhaps, this hypothesis relies, in part, on a USA Today investigative series:  “Inside America’s Secretive Biolabs,” May 28, 2015. (Sorry, New York Times:  you got scooped by a cartoon newspaper!  NYT=WMD, where “D”=”disinformation”?).

The USA Today report stemmed from the October, 2014 suspension of all “gain-of-function” research in American “high containment” laboratories; i.e., Bio-Safety Level Labs 3 and 4, a.k.a. BSL-3 and BSL-4.  “Gain-of-function” studies are specifically aimed at enhancing coronaviruses in terms of both virulence and transmissibility, ostensibly to better understand how viruses mutate and proliferate in the “wild.”  Apparently, until the intervention of American BSL-3 labs, where “gain-of-function” studies occur, known coronaviruses were quite lazy and furtive by nature.  In fact, since 9/11, there has been a rather wild proliferation of BSL-3 labs in the United States, to the tune of over 1500 such facilities, and in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia.  The official narrative states that post-9/11 fears of “Bioterrorism” warranted significantly amped-up research on weaponizable pathogens.

Now, according to the USA Today investigation, there was such a preponderance of accidents and safety violations in U.S. “high containment” labs that a decision was reached — invisibly, appropriately enough — to halt all “gain-of-function” research.  Again, “gain-of-function” research specifically refers to coronaviruses. This is interesting to note, because “gain-of-function” activities began again in early 2018 (The Lancet, February 2018: “Ban on gain-of-function studies ends.”).  The Lancet article parenthetically noted above is worth a look:  it mentions that new protocols had been established for “funding research involving pathogens with enhanced pandemic potential.”

OK: as every Who in Who-ville knows, the current coronavirus pandemic began in Wuhan, China…Wait, wait:  That was just a joke — but don’t infect your lungs by laughing too hard at the punch!  Nevertheless, given the “secretive” American mania for “gain-of-function” coronavirus experimentation at God-only-knows how many BSL-3 labs (and old Doc Fauci probably doesn’t even know the half of it), it appears more than likely that the current brand of coronavirus snuck out of a lab born-and-genetically modified in an all-American Biolab.  After all:  accidents happen — especially when unregulated scientists all over the country are given license to enhance potentially pandemic pathogens!  And the Brand prayed on

All of which is not to say with any degree of absolute certainty that this is the most likely scenario:  that an “enhanced” or even “weaponized” coronavirus escaped from an American “high containment” laboratory.  However, it is worth noting that the risk of being “de-platformed” these days is probably even greater than getting bit by this “novel” bug, so one’s choice of words is becoming, more and more, a real “roll of the dice.”

Now, all of the aforesaid notwithstanding:  What about this flimsy mask masquerade in America?  Is it Mardi Gras all the time now?  Maybe a Haz-mat suit might do the job a bit better?  Who’s fooling who?  On a more serious note:  the “mask” is an unquestionable symbol, or signal, like a “flag” for a flag-humping patriot, sometimes known as a “Jingo! —  See, I’m infecting No One, and No One can infect Me, because I got my Goddamn mask on!”  One wonders, amidst all of these coronaviral spectacles:  Is constantly injecting oneself with mis-to-disinformation tantamount to Bliss?

Finally, and I do not mean to be unduly derisive, as there is so much Nonsense — besides the obvious “Covidiocy — going on:  Shouldn’t United States Health officials be telling all Americans to enhance their own immune systems?  Why rely on Big Pharma — and stop injecting your bodies with “fast food?”  What if Saint/Doctor Fauci decreed, from his pontifical perch, that we should all cut McDonald’s out of our diets if we want to live healthier, happier lives?  Well, the Faucist Fauci would be sacked from his very comfortable job of 35 years in a nano-second if he so said — which is why he and his ilk never make this most obvious connection.  Instead, it’s all just “Gobble down your Big Macs with Super-sized High-fructose corn-syrup Sodas and wait for the Vaccine; in the meantime, maybe wash your hands more, and wear a fucking mask in Public; frankly, we’re sick and tired of looking at the Face of the People!”  We, the “Sick People.”  I feel like there are more than a few pitchfork tines being sharpened out there, in the “wild,” and I do hope that this sickening story has a more than less happy ending.

By the way, to return to the opening, eponymously interrogative introduction of this savage foray into the mis-to-disinformationalist realms of coronaviralism, I would like to quote the answer to that teaser question from none other than obviously weird Hollywood icon Charlton Heston’s character, Detective Frank Thorn, in the film:  “My God:  it’s PEOPLE!”

Todd Smith lives, writes, and observes the Brave New World Order in St. Louis. He can be reached at Read other articles by Todd.