RIP George Floyd and Solidarity with Those Fighting Back

It’s been a historic and heavy two weeks in the US, following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department. Calls for justice have grown from a mid-sized protest outside a precinct to a nation-wide uprising, leading Donald Trump to run to his bunker and threaten to call in the army. We will be continuing to follow events as they develop, but thought we’d send out a quick email with our latest vids, and some resources for navigating threats from repression, misinformation and political division.

Vengeance for George Floyd


A recap of the first 48 hours of the Minneapolis uprising.

Uprisings the week after George Floyd

A recap of the first week, with riots spreading to cities all across the US, and solidarity demos popping off in cities all around the world.

Fighting together

Whenever there are social uprisings there are attempts by those in power to spread mistrust and discord among the people fighting back. To preserve our collective power we must learn to fight together.

Some Additional Resources:

Channel Zero Network Street Action PSA (CZN)

On the Black Leadership and Other White Myths (Its Going Down)

Piles of Bricks and Other Things That Are Beside the Point: 11 Arguments Against Protest Conspiracies (North-shore)

Arrested? Tilted Scales Collective Has Resources to Help Fight Back (Its Going Down)

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