Killing Kennedys

You Can't Keep a Good Clan Down

I shouted out,
Who Killed the Kennedys?
When after all
It was you and me.

— Mick Jagger & Keith Richards, “Sympathy for the Devil” from the 1968 album Beggar’s Banquet

Destroying my 46″ Magnavox flat screen was the most liberating act of a lifetime.  Damn thing told me one too many lies, so I put my right Birkenstock through it and sent it to the landfill in the next Tuesday garbage truck.  There are downsides though.  For example, I completely missed the Great Toilet Paper Stampede at the beginning of the premier episode of “Coronamania”.  Lucky for me, I had a few rolls on hand, thus avoiding painful dog-style butt-scoots on a rock lawn.  All things considered though, even the most astute among us are susceptible to media-induced mind control, and especially when the subject, at first glance, appears to be cut, dried, signed, sealed, and beyond any reasonable suspicion of ulterior motives or foul play.  Our television sets have the power to seduce all who watch and listen, and this latest misinformation spectacle really blindsided a nation, bamboozled most of the world, and has even driven a wedge between card-carrying members of the sparse but tenacious progressive community.

We have television to thank for the graphic, bloody footage of the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy. There were holes in the official
stories, but all channels of the network news filled in all the blanks with unwavering consistency, told us what to believe, and if we refused, we could go stand in the corner with the rest of the conspiracy theorists.  Then, a few decades later, under extremely suspicious conditions, John Kennedy Jr. crashed his future in the U.S. Senate into the sea, almost putting an end to any Kennedy ever again attempting to bring an end to wars, hot or cold, championing social causes, or even suggesting the dismantling of the CIA.  The networks milked it for all it was worth.  Lucky for ratings, John, Carolyn, and Lauren were pretty, young people.  Such a sad…accident?

Television’s come a long way in the 21st Century.  My television set has only been buried for a couple of years, but in that time, Americans across the breadth of the red/blue political spectrum, have been fully indoctrinated into the “common knowledge” that vaccines are absolutely necessary for public health, and that those who dare to question this truth are child-killing criminals.  How do they know?  The TV told them so.  The guy from the CDC with the stethoscope said so.  What’s her name from WHO agreed, and she had a PhD. in something or other, so she should know.  Right?  The message is simple.  ANTI-VAXXERS (always capitalize) are child killers who would see all our children covered in unthinkable poxes and pustules, suffering from fevers and tremors, and dying slow, agonizing deaths, all the while castigating their parents for failing to give them the life-saving vaccine.  ANTI-VAXXERS hate good health, and are the arch enemies of thinking parents everywhere.  ANTI-VAXXERS represent the biggest threat to the survival of mankind on the face of the earth, and must be stopped.  Bat-shit crazy is the phrase that comes up somewhere in this tired narrative, so if you figure out what that means, please inform me.  I have bats here at my house, and they seem to shit a lot like mice.

My natural inclination throughout my long life has been to use the services of doctors only when it appears that body parts are broken, torn, or damaged to the point that repair is necessary if life is to go on.  I take no pharmaceuticals, prescribed or over-the-counter.  Only THC.  Pakalolo.  Mota.  Sweet Mary Jane.  Medicine.  Proof that there is a God who loves us.  And therefore do absolutely not surrender my naked arm to the toxic needles of the latest health scam, under any circumstances.  Period.  So I’ve been somewhat biased going into this latest episode of WHO Versus Reality.  There, and I’ve given you up front information which will aid you in discounting this piece as the rants of an old pothead.

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health…” Chris Hedges tells us, and “the press destroys information…” he continues.  More than that.  The press seems to be in a headlong race to destroy information ABOUT how doctors are destroying health.  And it is that narrative that’s grabbed Robert Kennedy Jr.’s attention, since he discovered how vaccines had laid ruin to the health of two of his children.  About an hour on Bob Kennedy’s “Children’s Health Defense” website was more than enough to convince me that my attitude toward vaccines is the logical and enlightened one.  But in the eyes of America, Robert Kennedy Jr. is an ANTI-VAXXER, a child-killer, a fraud, and a criminal.  For the vast majority of cowering Americans, Robert Kennedy Jr. is dead.  Character assassination, but assassination just the same.  Bought and paid for by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, an overly-educated bully named Fauci, The WHO, CDC,  the rest of the usual suspects, and delivered to you via those damnable, oversized flat screen invaders in your bedroom, kitchen, and family room.  Kill them!  The TVs, of course.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is the real deal.  Since my only child is nearing the half century mark, I have had little need to think much about vaccines lately.  I had only heard of Mr. Kennedy in connection with the dreaded ANTI-VAXXERS, and apparently he was a pariah who was never given air time.  But Kennedy states unwaveringly that he is indeed not against vaccines.  Just vaccines which do far more harm than good.  His work at his fine website, “Children’s Health Defense (CHD)”, is thorough, comprehensive, and nearly unquestionable.  He carries on the vision of his father, uncle, and cousin in arms as he leads an army of believers, who’ve mostly seen the damage caused by vaccines.  If you’d care to read some 50+ peer reviewed studies which show unwaveringly that unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated kids, the CHD website can take you there.  And Kennedy begs the industry for a single study which indicates otherwise.  Nobody will even debate the issue with him.  They’ll say they don’t debate crazy people, but they know they’d get taken to the cleaners and exposed for the frauds they impose on millions of unsuspecting victims.

Seems to me I just saw an online poll, and it looks like this frightened, masked, socially distanced mass of human resources is going to line up in droves for the Holy Grail of Vaccines, soon to be introduced by America’s Holy Men, Gates and Fauci, and likely delivered by the U.S. Military.  Damn it!  Why can’t they just bring back DDT?  It was such fun to dance in the powder which, we were assured, was good for us.  Kill us softly with your song, oh wise ones!

The crimes of the American Technocrats should already be enough to boil the blood of parents everywhere.  The very health of their children has been compromised to an extreme.  Sold to an industry which now stands to claim the right to vaccinate the world.  Potentially again and again…  So believe me when I say that, if you love autism, childhood diabetes, and peanut allergies, you’re going to overlook any little health issues which may result from your next scheduled “jab”.  After all, you’ll sleep well with the knowledge that the Virus du Jour is being kept at bay.  I wonder whether you’ll be informed when they start injecting your new biometric identity.  They will be doing so very soon, and likely with your consent.

Full moon over Tucson at 2 am.  We’re under curfew from 8 pm to 5 am for the next few days.  Your television stations recently took an everyday event: The brutal murder of a black man by a bully white cop, and stirred it up into nationwide riots.  Great diversion tactic.  Made a lot of people forget about how nobody seems to be dying of this virus.  Hasn’t anybody noticed that the hospitals are empty, staff laid off, haven’t talked to a soul who knows anybody who’s even gotten sick, and yet nearly everybody is now masked…with %@&# gloves now.  And nobody seems to be dying of this virus.  Oh, yeah!  I’m sure it’s because they’ve been good citizens and fallen in line behind their leaders.  But for fuck sakes!  Don’t you think somebody should be showing some symptoms?  Shouldn’t people be dying in the streets?  Where’s the drama to back up the official song and dance?  Show me the blood!  Show me the bodies!  It’s NOT killing people enough to wreck the economy and enslave an entire population.  But it’s not a mistake.  The Pandemic is working exactly the way it was designed.  A game-changer.  Nothing will ever be the same.  9-11, sorry I mean the Coronavirus changed everything.  I even feel lost in my house with no stickers on the floor to show me where to stand.

May the gods help us all,  give us the vision to resist, voices which speak truth to power, and the gumption to mock those who appear poised to enslave us. I’m joining Robert Kennedy’s Army, and hope to enlist in the officer’s training program.  Hasta la victoria siempre!

John R. Hall, having finally realized that no human being in possession of normal perception has a snowball's chance in hell of changing the course of earth's ongoing trophic avalanche, now studies sorcery with the naguals don Juan Matus and don Carlos Castaneda in the second attention. If you're patient, you might just catch him at his new email address, but if his assemblage point happens to be displaced, it could take a while. That address is: Read other articles by John R..