COVID Calls: Take Your Chance!

COVID could take us all tomorrow, and yet we act, mostly as usual.
Are we so easily sated? Ask we so little of life?
A docile flock indeed!
The time is now to burst asunder all chains that bind us!
Say what must be said. Do what must be done.
Pick a side. Take a stand.
Kiss the morning sun. Howl at the moon.
Non, je ne regrette rien.
Non, rien de rien.
The record shows, I took the blows.
And dreamed the impossible dream.
Is that a dagger I see before me? Handle toward my hand?
I shall renounce it!
I shall hear the people sing, if only in their hearts!
See the blue shores of paradise, if only in your eyes!
I shall know the limits of joy in this life, such was the secret promise to my heart.
And the eons shall know, that on this day; we cast down the heavy gaze of expectation, and took our destinies in hand.
That tomorrow morning, we set off; to capture, the right, the beautiful, the just.

Justin Theodra is a master's student at SOAS University of London interested in intellectual biography, Marxist political economy, and the life and work of Samir Amin. He runs the Lives on the Left and Songs of Revolution facebook pages. Read other articles by Justin.