Where’s God In Corona?

People are sick, some dying.
Children don’t know what to do.
Families of all status struggling.
Fear stoked by the news.

Times before this behind me.
Don’t know what’s in front.
Chaos blurs scenes around me.
All I can do is look up.
Squint my eyes through the sky.
Seek a peek of heaven above.

What I glimpsed, a reflection –
such an idyll picture it was.

I saw a…
neon green bus, rainbow painted on the side,
supply meals where underserved children reside.
local non-profit donate eggs made of plastic,
also bunny-shaped chocolate and trinkets bound by elastic.
doctor keep an appointment via teletherapy,
treat a patient congested due to allergies.
fellow mother know the importance of a tribe,
ensure a single moms’ request for her son won’t be denied.
teacher stay up late to schedule lessons for post,
then awake bright and early as a class Zoom meeting host.
small business owner write “thank you” with marker,
grateful to FedEx for delivering orders from her.
Sunday school leader leave materials at the door,
so small minds curious about Jesus can know more.
young-adult group use video to keep in touch,
gather two or more in His name, form a virtual church.

Times are scary, for sure.
It’s tragic some aren’t surviving.
Painful losses to endure,
but there’s always a silver lining.

Some assume He’s elusive as Waldo,
but I’m here to remind them:
There are no unfilled places on Earth –
they can learn how to find Him.

Valerie Frost is a Garden State native. She holds a BA and MA in Education and is currently earning an MFA in creative nonfiction and poetry at Eastern Kentucky University. She lives and works in Central Kentucky with her twin three-year-olds Read other articles by Valerie.