The Only American Unbroken Record That Really Matters in the Long Run

Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak? No. Sabrina Williams’ 23 Grand Slam singles titles, the most by any man or woman in the Open Era? No. Michael Phelps’ all-time record for Olympic gold medals? No.

Those records and all like them matter only to a few and will probably be broken someday.

The only unbroken American record that matters in the long run is the long trail of death, destruction, misery and exploitation ever since America’s birth by its power elite who eventually formed a corpocacy, or an alliance between corporate America and government America, with the former calling all the shots. If this alliance’s record is allowed to continue unbroken, humanity’s future could possibly end later this century. That’s simply and bluntly put, why this particular record really matters in the long run

The purpose of this article is to give a quick overview of my efforts the last several years to end the power elite’s reign and to ask readers for their suggestions on what I should do next.

America’s Power Elite

There are only a few thousand members of a genuine power elite in America. The ones who leave the greatest trail of harm are the CEOs of the more consequential industries such as the warring and ammunition industries, the financial industry (behind every war are the “banksters” funding and profiting from the wars), the energy extraction industries, pharmaceutical and health care industries, agricultural, chemical and food industries and the communication industry.

The Power Elite’s Wrongdoing and Evil Doing

In doing the research for my last book, “911!”, I found thousands of examples of what the power elite actually do  ((Brumback, G.B. 911!. KDP Independent Publishing, Columbia, South Carolina, 2019.))  I included a sample of about 150 of them in my book for each of the industries I mentioned above and for the U.S. government. If you or I did any of what they have done and are still doing (except, for example, if we were soldiers killing people), we would be in jail permanently.

The Power Elite’s Trail of Harm Done

In my book I devote over 20 pages to describing and discussing the terrible consequences of the power elite’s normal operations including those consequences so heinous that you would recoil in horror reading them.

Democracy Pow!er on Paper

America’s power elite throughout our history have masterfully divided, duped and conquered the powerless. That dismal record could be broken if my rescue plan, the heart of the “911!” book, were to be implemented.

To recap briefly, “Democracy Pow!er” is the name I gave my very detailed plan. It has two parts. The first proposes a U.S. Chamber of Democracy (USCD), a virtual organization composed of organization and individuals that would plan and carry out a host of strategic objectives toward the ultimate goal of establishing a new “People’s America.” By far the two most  essential, critical objectives would be (a) to convince Americans what they have learned and been told about America is absolutely fraudulent, and (b) to knock down peacefully and legally the dozens of props the power elite give each other (e.g., corporate subsidies, campaign slush funds) to sustain and expand their power.

The second part proposes a “People’s Reignbow (deliberately misspelled) Coalition (PRC) of dozens of dissident groups of Americans I had identified. The coalition of millions of Americans would constitute the “undivided” America and would provide the political muscle to push through the USCD’s agenda. A handpicked leader along with a few more promising NGOs would do the recruiting.

I estimated that the plan would cost millions of dollars to implement so I proposed tapping first the “super-rich” and then if necessary, the “lesser rich” that would then contract out the plan to one or more organizations responsible along with the PRC for successful implementation.

Democracy Pow!er Thwarted

I probably anticipated albeit very reluctantly so when I wrote near the end of my book that “Democracy Pow!er could very well  amount to a pipedream. But I refuse to be pessimistic at this point. Nothing good comes from pessimism. Nor defeatism. Nor despair. Nor fatalism. The stakes are absolutely too high to do nothing.”

As I write this, that pipe dream still exists. Here in a nutshell is the current reality:

1. The super-rich and the lesser wealthy are part of the problem, not the solution. Neither the Gates nor Warren Buffett and their club of over 200 multibillionaires pledged to give away their wealth were interested. Neither the Gates nor Buffett responded after getting complimentary copies of the book and several follow-ups by me. Not surprising, I should have remembered that much wealth is ill-begotten and that philanthropic organizations get breaks from the government. ((Brumback, G.B. “Philanthropy: The Corpocracy’s Insurance Policy”, Dissident Voice, September 28, 2013; Uncommon Thought Journal, September 28. 2013.)) Neither should I have been gullible enough to swallow Ralph Nader’s book, “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us.” ((Nader, R. Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us! Seven Stories Press, 2011.))

2. Ditto the lesser rich. I got the same cold shoulder from a group calling themselves “The Patriotic Millionaires” whose mission on paper seemed very compatible with Democracy Pow!er. Ditto the Women’s Media Center, founded by multimillionaires like Jane Fonda who moved to Washington DC so she could protest on Capitol Hill. I wasted four copies of my book on them.

3. Ditto the Reverend Jessie L. Jackson, founder, and president of the “Rainbow Push Coalition.” I had referred to him in my book. I guess if the corpocracy were to end, he would be out of business with no foul corporations to irritate.

4. Ditto five “special” NGOs I identified in my book as seemingly different enough from the typical NGO to warrant being contacted. Turned out they are not different enough. All NGOs seem to be more governmental than nongovernmental. I should have reread some of my articles written years earlier in which I essentially had come to the same conclusion. ((Here are the articles I wrote on the matter: Brumback, G.B.  “Always War: Fragmented Antiwar Groups Need to Unite”,, October 21. 2012; “Do Antiwar Organizations Depend on War?” Dissident Voice, October 22, 2012; What are antiwar organizations accomplishing?” The Greenville Post, August 22, 2012; and “Tyranny’s Hush Money”, OpEdNews, September 28; The Greanville Post, September 29, 2012.))

What’s Next?

I am wondering if I had put the cart before the horse in putting my whole energy after the book was published into trying to jump start the first part of Democracy Po!wer. Perhaps, I should have concentrated solely on getting the PRC built and using it to jump start the first part, the USCD.

What do you think I should do next? Please complete for me this multiple-choice quiz:

One way to get me your answers is to e-mail me:  ten.ttanull@rewopycarcomed

1. Do nothing more. Give up your pipe dream.

2. Keep searching for wealthy funders (any names or in what fields, like sports?).

3. Jump start the PRC (how?) and go from there.

4. Try this (what?)

In Closing

While there is a way to break this particular unbelievably harmful and unbroken record of America, its powerless citizens will continue to get what they deserve if they have neither the mind nor the will to break the unbroken record of America’s corpocracy and replace it with an unprecedented true democracy.

Gary Brumback, PhD, is a retired psychologist and Fellow of both the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science. Read other articles by Gary.