Systemic Change

If you think that black is bad,
Then you need to hear my words.
Black’s the colour of my skin
Not the colour of my heart
What you think you see without
This is not the same within.

You say you want equality
And get angry when I disagree.
How can we be equal when,
I’m not a part of this system?
When you think you know my pain
You may have to think again.

For generations, you enriched your lives
On the backs of nameless slaves.
Building systems to serve your needs
Using bondage to fuel your greed.
You think these systems still don’t exist
I’m here to tell you they still persist.

I’m treated with disdain or fear
From financial systems to healthcare
Systems created to serve the master
Tend to treat me like a gangster.
You need the drug, I am addicted
You get a warning, I am convicted.

Don’t be angry when I try to dismantle
Systems created to keep me shackled
Enjoying the fruits of my ancestors’ labour
In no way makes me into a traitor.
Come join me in this radical movement
Together let us make a statement.

Brian Sankarsingh is an accidental poet who, for many years, was standoffishly embroiled in social and political commentary; and who has now decided to maddeningly scream his message from whatever rooftop he can find. Sankarsingh is the author of two books A Sliver of a Chance, Insights and Observations of a Canadian Immigrant and The Human Condition, The Poet’s Perspective. You can reach him at Read other articles by Brian.