Sojourn of a Honey Bee

Don’t know what had brought it to
My place and into my room
Was it the hot weather
That made it hover
Or was it looking for place to rest
Tired in the sun, I guess
I may never know for sure
Why it came through my door
It came and sat upon the wall
It then flew down the hall
I followed it around the house
As quietly as a mouse
Watched it move its wings to and fro
Until it moved to the floor
It stayed there in the sun beams
As if for a moment ’twas asleep
Then to my garden it made its flight
And soon my guest was out of sight.

Maryam Fazal Qureshi is a Pakistani student currently living in Lahore where she is pursuing her Bachelors in Arts with English Literature as her major. Her hobbies and interests include exploring different philosophies, writing poems and articles and following a healthy eating regime. She can be reached at Read other articles by Maryam Fazal.