Fear and Loathing in Tucson

Plus a Brief History of Christianity

Since Hunter Thompson isn’t here to continue along the Gonzo journalistic path of fear and loathing, I’ll just have to do the job.  I’m quite certain he would do so if he hadn’t left us so abruptly.  And unless I’m crazy, there’s never before been a situation quite this frightening and loathsome.  My lady left me a couple days ago.  Turned away from the embrace of a man who refuses to wear a mask as protection from the dreaded Carumba Virus.  And now I’m alone.  Sheltering in place in the foothills of The Tucson Range.  Our relationship trashed by the good advice of her pastor, the sacred lips of Rachel Maddow, and by my refusal to cover my face with a mask while in public, due to a nearly absolute belief that the pig-fuckers (Hunter’s favorite phrase) at the top of the food chain have just led us into phase one of the Globalist agenda to reduce earth’s population by a number well into the billions.  I’d be proof that the plan is already working its birth control magic, if we weren’t both in our early 70’s.

And now, the darkness of night melts away into vivid dreams of the aforementioned pig-fuckers.  Goofy, stammering, eugenicist Gates with his vision of vaccinating the entire planet.  Fauci and Birx listening in horror as Pompeo announces loudly and clearly that we’re in a live exercise…meaning what?  Fauci’s eyes grow big as saucers while an uncontrollable shiver goes down Birx’s spine as she shudders and strokes her arm.  They use a live military exercise to launch this War on the Carnauba Virus, and Trump angrily complains that somebody should have told him.  This is indeed a war, for the first casualty has become the truth.  Biden, now seldom seen maskless, leading the aimless minions of low-expectation Democrats in a mass-death-leap off the cliffs of desperation.  WHO admitting to the development of sterility vaccines, amid accusations of live use in Kenya, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico, and The Philippines.  Bug-eyed Schiff demanding censorship of any information outside the official WHO/CDC song and dance from the likes of Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, and EVERYWHERE!…effectively eliminating any chance of the truth leaking into the national conversation.  Nobody bothers censoring lies.  So if you have any complaints about the content of this little article, chill out.  You’re likely the only one reading it anyway.  What’s happening here, Mr. Jones, is so heinously convoluted that nearly the entire country is marching in masked, socially distanced lockstep.  Even many people who I thought would see through the information fog.  Fear and distrust so thick, I need a machete to cut through it.  And all for a virus so puny that the media can’t even conjure up decent footage of all this make believe death and suffering.

Christians learned two thousand years ago, thanks to the selfless sacrifice of the outlaw named Jesus, that to follow his brave example would quite likely not end well.  Then and there, a pact was made with the Devil.  Rome was to allow the followers of Jesus gather, pray, and ask their Heavenly Father to forgive the sin of not emulating Jesus.  In return, the fledgling churches would refrain from questioning or criticizing the policies of the Emperor.  The Church was to support the policies of State, and visa-versa.  Separation of church and state…Catch 22 for the next twenty centuries.  Christians in general have always seemed to be the personification of only talking the talk, for they’ve been forbidden by official policy and self-preservation to walk the walk.  Thus, all the groveling and praying for forgiveness.  And apparently Christian soldiers have always been exempt from The Golden Rule, The 10 Commandments, and all potential Biblical threats to existing power structures.  This U.S. of A., being a largely Christian nation, has masked-up, dutifully stands on the red signs in Lowe’s, and questions nothing.  To do otherwise:  Unthinkable.  Careless.  Criminal.

Morning coffee alone in my private enclave of fear and loathing.  There must be a bright side to this final episode of The Twilight Zone.  There is a likely phasing out of WAR, as a way of stealing resources.  Best guess is that, once the 5 or 6 billion superfluous bodies are buried and the Globalists are fully in charge, There’ll be no more reason for war.  Tucson skies are usually violated nearly hourly by screaming fighter jets from Davis-Monthan AFB, but for three months they’ve gone missing.  I can envision the U.S. Military shrinking away to nearly nothing.  Hooray!  Those Davo Globalists may not be so bad after all.  They have a vision of a better world for all…all except the excess poor folks.

Those of us who survive this live exercise will live the good life in a brave new world with a surplus of milk and honey.  Sure, I know it’s disturbing that Homeland Security now seems an occupying force inside all retail establishments.  Especially the giants.  Grocery chains, Home Depot & Lowe’s, Costco, Walmart…all blasting the orders of authority, as protection against the spread of the dreaded Crustacean Virus.  Floor signs, social distancing, and masks hide our emotion, our identity, our humanity.  But in the brave new world of a single, global society, there will be blue skies, clean water, no more climate change.  We’ll have UBI to keep us fed and housed.  No need for wallets or dirty money, for deposits will be made directly to our digitally enhanced bodies, with purchases done by way of facial recognition.  Social Credit Scores determine the extent of our vestigial freedoms, imprisoning rule-breakers while rewarding good behavior.  What rewards?  Who knows?  Maybe the right to reproduce, since our bloodstreams will be laced with birth control devices, likely with remote electronic on/off switches. Maybe the right to congregate, travel, shop, exist.

The more I think about it, the more likely it seems that we have no other choice than to get in lockstep, don masks, do what we’re told, and get ready for our new digital lives.  Zoom is so very much more satisfying than a sweaty, nasty, human hug and face to face conversation.  An added benefit being you can cut it off at any time, and claim you lost your internet connection.  At the rate humans have been reproducing, we’re doomed.  This dream of democracy has turned out to be quite a nightmare too.  The difference between the two parties can be measured in millimeters, and it’s long been recognized that voting is an act of futility, so let’s let the well intentioned billionaires who are staging this Corrosive Virus Plandemic run the show from now on.  They’ve been doing a fine job behind our backs for quite some time now, and let’s just hand over to them the keys to the kingdom.  All kingdoms.  Heaven included, I would guess.  Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose, and it looks more and more like we’ll all be free, in one way or another, very soon.

Or resist.

John R. Hall, having finally realized that no human being in possession of normal perception has a snowball's chance in hell of changing the course of earth's ongoing trophic avalanche, now studies sorcery with the naguals don Juan Matus and don Carlos Castaneda in the second attention. If you're patient, you might just catch him at his new email address, but if his assemblage point happens to be displaced, it could take a while. That address is: drachman2358@outlook.com Read other articles by John R..