Twenty Five Years

25 years
And too little to show

I have done nothing worthy of honor.

Birthday boys will be beaten today
Birthday girls
Will be sold

Bourgeois children
Will learn hatred

Proles will envy and fear.

And they will tell you
This is forever

That wingless apes
Cannot fly

And most of you
Will believe them

Because my words were not sharp enough
Not strong enough

Full of compromises
And half truths.

For they have convinced me too
That you will abandon me
And my ideals

Like she did
So many years ago.

But fortunately
History is written in epochs

And every life is a vote
Every action counts

And we have time yet
For songs of redemption.

The laughter of our children

Far braver than we
Echo tonight comrades

With you
And with me —

Justin Theodra is a master's student at SOAS University of London interested in intellectual biography, Marxist political economy, and the life and work of Samir Amin. He runs the Lives on the Left and Songs of Revolution facebook pages. Read other articles by Justin.