The Great Divide: The Filthy Rich and the Rest of Us in Times of Calamity

Now that the corona virus is making its rounds it seems a good time to illustrate the great divide between calamities’ effects on the filthy rich (aka the power elite) and the rest of humanity. With perhaps one exception to be identified near the end of this piece, the difference has endured down through history because the worse aspects of human nature never seem to change.

Let’s define a “calamity” as either a natural or a man-made disaster (invariably made by men). History is chock full of calamities. The never-ending list of natural disasters goes on and on, starting maybe with allegedly the deadliest of natural disasters, the Yellow River Flood in 1931 that left between 1 and 4 million dead. The never-ending list of man-made disasters are made for ever more profit by the filthy rich.

I’m going to confine this short piece to just three illustrative calamities, America’s Vietnam War, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005 and the corona virus swirling through the world today.

I’ll start with the Vietnam war. It was a bonanza for the filthy rich. The captains of the war industry became filthier rich. For millions of the hapless it was a loss of their lives in one of the greatest carnages ever perpetrated in history by the filthy rich of America and their functionaries.

The Katrina hurricane devastated New Orleans in 2005 and left the impoverished sequestered in the Superdome that quickly became a cesspool. In the meantime, the filthy rich had fortified their homes and fled to drier places. Their survival instinct along with their affluence led to a fast getaway. It happens with any natural disaster no matter where, researchers found and reported in the Scientific American. Well, they missed an exception as I shall point out shortly.

For our third calamity, let’s consider the enemy invisible to the naked eye, the dreaded and deadly corona virus. The filthy rich are either sequestered in their mansions or are escaping in their private jets to their luxurious hideaways while their corporation are being bailed out yet again.

Now, let’s revisit the Yellow River Flood in 1931. You may be as startled as I was to learn that the “clean” rich there were voluntarily helping the stricken. Quite a stark and telling contrast to America’s filthy rich, wouldn’t you say?

Next, let’s also revisit the corona virus pandemic. If you know about the history of bioweapons and biological warfare, with the epicenter in the U.S. of R and D and testing on live people,. then you might know what the senior editor of a veterans’ magazine who digs behind the scenes knows. He claims the virus was made to be a bioweapon. I am in no position to dispute his claim. Quite the opposite for I discuss just such possibilities in my new book, “911!” that a) identifies America’s filthy rich, called the “power elite” in the book, b) explains and describes their wrongdoing and evildoing, c) and proposes a detailed plan for rescuing America from its power elite and creating a nation for the common good.

In conclusion, the latest calamity, the corona virus, will someday be history with people left alive to remember it. But the greatest calamity of all, doomsday due to the power elite’s evildoing is coming if we do nothing to stop it.

Gary Brumback, PhD, is a retired psychologist and Fellow of both the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science. Read other articles by Gary.