The Boston Marathon Bombing as Trial Run for a Global Lockdown

You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that, it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.
Rahm Emanuel

Not long ago I was sent the link to Sheila Casey’s expose’ of the Boston Marathon Bombing as a staged event. I had been aware the U.S. Military used amputees as crisis actors for training combat soldiers, as CNN had done a report in 2012. In comparing CNN footage with photos in Casey’s report, the Boston production looked embarrassingly amateurish, with an “explosion” produced by what one ex-Marine artillery officer considered to be “a studio-grade smoke machine.”

In paragraph 4, Casey links to a “Boston Globe video on You Tube” to expose faked aspects of the bombing. But the link now leads to a black screen: “Video unavailable”. If you search “Boston Globe video marathon bombing”, you again get a black screen: “Video Cloud video not found”. Both the article and following comments are jam-packed with links leading to black screens or “does not exist”. It is censorship protecting an official account. Nevertheless, Casey details rigorously in text, and the photographs are incontrovertible. Red paint looks nothing like blood, and “Jeff Bauman”, legs supposedly blown off, looks bored as actors race him, upright and with fake tibia exposed, to God knows where. 

There is good coverage of the “bombing” at Searchforthetruth, and this short piece (still on YouTube as I write), reveals the ‘bombing’ to have been a training exercise for the bomb squad. Footage includes an announcement “This is a drill” shortly before an explosion. At minute 6;15 in this video from Bitchute, someone shouts several times to police during a press interview “Why did you warn people to stay calm before the explosion?” Getting no response, he finally shouts “This is a false flag, gentlemen!” But the tale of death, with bloody bodies and limbs strewn all about has stuck — and been continually reinforced —  in the public mind.

To recognize the incident as a fake terrorist attack would make a thinking person wonder about possible motives behind a scenario replete with obvious fakery. Casey surmises: “It’s almost as if they are asking themselves: Just how stupid IS the public? Just how much horse shit WILL they swallow, so long as they hear it on their TV? And then they create an event such as this, which gives them a good read on what portion of the population is awake and thinking, and what portion is still under the trance of the nonstop propaganda known as the media.” And that — a “good read” on the public — makes perfect sense.

Beyond the capture of two supposed criminals, itself a specious tale, one sees the lockdown of a major city. Panic is created, people are ordered to stay home, and there is immediate obedience. The predisposition of modern Americans, attention fastened on their TVs, is revealed so clearly that an organized power structure might safely apply the same strategy on a national scale. This we are seeing now.

Journalists publishing in Off-Guardian have reported on many esteemed epidemiologists at odds with the global lockdown in response to what is not an atypical flu season (See here,  here and here). Within the first four minutes of his interview, Knut Wittkowski explains “containment” of the lockdown inhibits “herd immunity” which, allowed to run its course naturally, would end the pandemic in a matter of weeks. Only the elderly and “fragile” would be sequestered during such a period, as would be proper in any flu season. 

Epidemiologists representing this area of professional opinion are scrubbed entirely from mainstream news, much of which is scandalous, fear-mongering and seemingly a call for violence; e.g., this “officially at war…. bodies have been buried or burnt to charred cinders….”  from Daily Kos. On April 21, Frontline, a star in the lineup of PBS, that prime gatekeeper, aired “Coronavirus Pandemic“, predictably faithful to governmental orthodoxy and the diktat that unauthorized epidemiological expertise be given no mention. Still, some commentators are finding the steel to call the Covid19 Shutdown the “hoax” that it evidently is.

In broadening one’s sources of information, “official narrative” regarding the Covid19 lockdown appears ever more to be an odd 21st Century version of “wag the dog”, in which a flu du jour has been used to terrify and focus a TV-addicted public that earlier had demonstrated its willingness to be herded on command. Whatever is being accomplished beneath the cover of the lockdown most certainly, in the end, will not be in the interests of the broader public. Never has it been more important to remove one’s attention from the TV and to explore a variety of input and opinion. Beyond the highly paid talking shills on TV, there really are bona fide journalists and researchers dedicated to unearthing the truth of things.

Bill Willers is an emeritus professor of biology, University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh. He is founder of the Superior Wilderness Action Network and editor of Learning to Listen to the Land, and Unmanaged Landscapes, both from Island Press. He can be contacted at Read other articles by Bill.