How Can Anyone Harbor Such Hatred

They ask us
how can anyone
such hatred

As we sit back
to the transformation
of our countries
losing jobs
losing land
losing everything
that resembles
a place to call home

I suppose
they have a point
how dare we
voice out
in contempt

When diversity
is the dominant culture
who are we to resist

The pleasures
of inclusion
the loss of
familiar faces
rendered no go
the eradication
of our genetics

It’s more than
replacing us
with them
in the history books

It’s more than
my people denounced
the sworn enemy
of all non-western

This is rape
of everything
we call our own

How dare we
such feelings
of hatred

Muh Fashy Bookshelf is a dissident who believes the first step towards victory is education. Read other articles by Muh Fashy Bookshelf.