From Rags to Riches, from Plague to Profits

(Agenda for after eight)

One of the lessons I recall from school was about the theory of spontaneous generation with regard to disease. Of course, there is the well-known phenomena of spontaneous combustion, when something starts to burn without any apparent external ignition. With spontaneous generation we were taught the idea that something considered dirty or impure, like rags, could give inception to diseases. This was superseded by the germ theory, where microorganisms — that might actually be harboured by such rags — actually were the cause of the illnesses blamed on the rags.

In economics a similar theory still prevails. It could be called spontaneous wealth. It was popularised in the US by stories like those of Horatio Alger, Jr. It has also been called the “rags to riches” myth whereby under rather ambiguous conditions rags could also give inception to wealth. Although this has been superseded by other theories, whereby microeconomics — that might actually cause the production of such rags — actually caused the wealth originally attributed to the bearer/wearer of said rags.

During the period of European peninsular history known as the Middle Ages, there was an outbreak of disease also called the Black Death, identified as bubonic plague. The result of the epidemic that swept through the peninsula was not only a reduction in the population but an increase in the cost of labour. Since the rich do not work, the scarcity of those who do meant that labour costs increased drastically, whether measured in wages or weaponry to acquire forced labour.

Fast forward to 2020. China appears close to controlling, if not eliminating, the residue of baggage left behind by abusive visitors. These might have been borne in rags, but certainly not in dead bats. As has been argued elsewhere, the response of the PRC leadership, the Chinese Communist Party, was commensurate with the intended threat and reflects government policies since Mao and Deng that are diametrically opposite to those of the US, EU, and its vassals.

While the mass media in the West — both state-held and privately owned — has continuously attacked China for its reactions to anything the West does to it, the fact remains that such attacks serve to reinforce the prejudices and ignorance promoted by the China Lobby after it was evicted from the mainland seventy years ago. Not only does the 80% US-controlled mass media feed upon two centuries of cultivated racism, it also distorts history beyond recognition—with ease given the general ignorance of accurate history fostered in Western schools and universities, where Forrest Gump has become the standard.

The central economic doctrines foisted on the post-WWII world by the Anglo-American establishment could be summarised as “socialism for corporations” and “private enterprise for everyone else”. It would exceed the scope of this comment to explain all the silliness that has become economics orthodoxy in the West. However, it is important to recognise that the argument I make here is not from a “Marxist” perspective. Rather it is a sober restatement of the policies adopted, in fact, by the oligarchy that runs the West and the world financial system too. The so-called Great War, great for firms like DuPont, JP Morgan, et al., was followed by the Great Depression primarily to force states to return to the system by which profits of 40-100%, as were made during that war, would again be possible. ((Gerald Colby-Zilg.  DuPont Dynasty: Behind the Nylon Curtain, 1974.))

The Great Depression only ended once these folks had a major war against the Soviet Union and to conquer Asia under way. George Kennan wrote sincerely or cynically at the end of World War II that only military force exercised worldwide would guarantee the profits and US access to 60% of the world’s resources after 1945. ((Cold war ideology, formulated by Bernard Baruch, Walter Lippmann, and Winston Churchill leads most attention to Kennan’s article in Foreign Affairs about the Soviet threat. His more sincere work comprised the papers leading to the draft of NSC 68.)) This meant war in the Congo, war against Korea, war against Vietnam, and the overthrow of independent governments from Indonesia to Iraq, not to mention an iron fist in Latin America. It is a testimony to this that 80% of the US-controlled world media called it a “Cold War” and blamed it first on the Soviet Union and then on China. This slander persists today when Europeans and North Americans blame Russia and China for all the violence and destruction perpetrated by NATO since 1989.

Permit me to return to our “economics”. Elsewhere I have explained the persistent tubercular myth called the American Dream, the result of trillions spent since 1916 to create a popular vision of America only rivalled by the Catholic Church’s vision of the Resurrection ((T.P. Wilkinson. Rethinking Anglo-American Empire, Dissident Voice, October 21, 2017; To the Halls of Montezuma, from the Shores of Tripoli:  Donald Trump as “Anti-Wilson“, February 6, 2017.)). (At least the Resurrection does not depend on Hollywood or whatever sock puppet occupies the W**** House.)

There is a lot of needless debate about the motives and intentions of possible actors in the lead-up to what has obviously been well described by the “experts” at Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security October last. As I wrote in February, the “cause” of the present global calamity is deniable. There will never be an admission nor unimpeachable “broken vial” or saliva-saturated handkerchief to prove the author(s) of the contagion known as novel coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2, the disease being termed COVID-19. The “cause” cannot be the point of departure.

It is necessary to recognise first of all that this is not a medical problem! Moreover we must recognise that the institutions that have positioned themselves since October as authorities are not medical experts nor is their central mission — despite nomenclature — human health and well-being. The US CDC and the WHO bureaucracies are extensions of the Western corporate and state intelligence apparatus. One must understand that “health security” in practice and in the language used is just a mutation of “national security”. It is a part of what US doctrine calls “full spectrum dominance”. ((“The cumulative effect of dominance in the air, land, maritime, and space domains and information environment, which includes cyberspace, that permits the conduct of joint operations without effective opposition or prohibitive interference.“ See also Joint Vision 2020, US Department of Defence, although this doctrine was pronounced much earlier with the so-called Global War on Terror and derived from the Project for the New American Century.))

Why do I say that? I have no privileged information. However, if one reads the official biographies of the key persons in the WHO, for instance, detailed with handling the novel corona event, one will find that they are all directly concerned with vaccination/inoculation. This is their career path. This is hierarchical militarised science at its worst.

Vaccination/inoculation is an industrial-chemical value chain; in other words, it is the biological warfare equivalent to the career path for those who serve in the armed forces and develop other weapons systems. Vaccination/inoculation has nothing to do with public health, per se. Rather public health is the battlefield/battlespace in which population control operations are conducted — since 2020 globally.

For over 30 years in Europe, and as permanent policy in the US, what the US regime calls “socialised medicine” has been vigorously attacked. The most aggravated form now pursued is so-called “individualised medicine”: an approach which aims to use genetic engineering to restrict any kind of medical treatment by creating disease-treatment combinations which can only be used exclusively for one individual. It does not take much fantasy, just a little legal knowledge, to understand that the individual caught in the grips of such a medical model will be entirely dependent upon the intellectual property held by the disease-treatment delivery firm. This would end the threat of every pharmaceutical company’s horror — expiry of the patent and cheap generics.

As a result of this international corporate onslaught — supported overtly and covertly — public hospitals, state health services, statutory health insurers, GPs and other medical practitioners bound to the state-sponsored/managed remuneration systems have been deliberately and maliciously destroyed or handicapped beyond the capacity to do more than issue prescriptions and administer injections. Nurses and physicians who chose medicine not for maximum profits but because they felt committed to the profession of healing the sick have been driven into bankruptcy or unemployment. Those from the professional classes who have only sought the best income for the least effort have prospered, albeit only if they became full merchants rather than physicians.

Hospitals have been privatised both as a means of undermining social services, per se, and on the pretext of solving municipal and state indebtedness foisted upon governments by criminal banking cartels infesting the finance ministries and the central banks. Since cartels are not taxed realistically but as if they were ordinary enterprises, there has been a “purification” of the economy, just like under the Weimar and NS regimes. In addition to an inadequate tax base, the other income sources of the State have been depleted by sales — privatisation of assets that generated rents and user fees. Now all that income accrues to the bondholders in whose hands the State and its citizens are now in thrall.

This is obviously just a sketch. Whoever has done their homework over the years and read the public sources and listened carefully to what is said and watched what was done, cannot take any statements made by the EU, the governments in the member-states, or in the US seriously. Even if the dragon corona were slain by the St. Georges and Georginas, we would still be stuck with their malicious policies of the past thirty years. If tomorrow every alleged corona patient were healed — like the sudden recovery of everyone in Saramago’s Blindness — we would have the same insipid parasitical and militarised full spectrum dominance of our demolished public healthcare infrastructure! ((Jose Saramago, Blindness, (1995). To see the entire problem as presciently as Saramago did the sequel Seeing (2006) is a must.))

That is definitely very different from the situation in which China finds itself. Over the past 70 years, the Chinese and the Chinese Communist Party have worked against all odds to put 20% of the world’s population in a condition which the US regime has spent all its energy denying, even to its own working people. There are lots of long-noses who will say — oh, but what about human rights, etc… Those folks ought to ask about the human rights of the Blacks, Mexicans, Asians and poor whites who have been systematically deprived of rights like housing, jobs, healthcare, pensions, relief from police brutality, freedom to express their views and defend themselves at the workplace etc. Those folks ought to ask why the US, for example, has the largest prison population in the world? But that too is beyond the scope of this comment.

Thinking, caring, human beings have to stop their senseless panicking and blind obedience to whatever messages they receive in their solipsistic social media. We have to recognise that this is not a pandemic but a political crisis. The crisis is not medical, it is mental!

Since the first governments in Europe decided to follow siege methods and to police the population, quite accidentally preventing public demonstrations or any meetings of popular organisations, the very effective propaganda already described has led people to forget very important questions:

  • Who decides in our society what the acceptable relationship between health risks and overall social risks: economic, political, sociability, etc. is? And what measures are appropriate to take this relationship into account?
  • Who defines what the objectives of any health prevention policy are?
  • When has enough been done? Who decides that?
  • What kind of public social, health and economic policy is to be pursued now and after this calamity?

Under the present conditions the vast majority of the population on the European peninsula and in North America have surrendered their political and social capacity to the national security state, to soldiers dressed in surgical gowns, wearing stethoscopes or masks like pre-schoolers. The “white” EU leaders of the North; e.g., Macron and Merkel, have made it quite clear that their “brown” brothers and sisters will only get aid if they refrain from working with China and Russia and are willing to pledge even more of their income streams to the banks for which Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, The Hague, and Helsinki most happily work. It should be clear to all that the token financial relief fed now is symbolic and divisive.

It is symbolic because these grants; e.g., up to EUR 9,000 for small businesses in Germany, feign an active response while the purification of small and medium sized enterprises continues. ((Franz Neumann, Behemoth, Part 2 (1942) details the economic policy of Germany from Weimar through the NS era. “Purification” in the German edition “auskämmen” was the strategy of Germany’s cartels together with the quasi-governmental industry and commerce chambers to prohibit workers from running small craft and trade shops. These small businesses helped many who were hit by the depression to survive wage and hour cuts and maintain union organisation in heavy industry. When they were prohibited by withdrawal of their business licenses on “efficiency” grounds, then they joined the unemployed — allowing industrial cartels to more aggressively lower wages and increase hours. This policy has been pursued by the German tax administration for years now by means of discriminatory auditing and refusal to defer tax assessments—while granting large corporations tax holidays.)) Selective awards now will divide the victims of the ludicrous large-scale closures into those who got some subsidy and those who will get nothing but unemployment. The psychological tactic will divide those who believe they are worthy from those who deserve to fail. It is also symbolic because every member-state knows that they cannot monetise their aid. They will have to finance it within the Maastricht regulations administered through Brussels on behalf of those who own the West’s central banks. ((For those that do not recall, the Maastricht regime prohibits member-states from public borrowing in excess of limits set by the European Commission (in fact, the banks that control it). Within the euro, the European Central Bank decides how much money—in euros—may be circulated at under what conditions. All governments are prohibited from issuing their own debt to cover their public expenditure—they must cover public expenditure by floating debt on the private capital markets (also controlled by said banks). Any similarity between the heads or senior officials of major European central banks or finance ministers and alumni of either Goldman Sachs or Rothschild Group is merely coincidental.)) That means that any further aid—and massive aid will be necessary Europe-wide—can only be financed by more privatisation and a conversion to what Macron advocates—tax farming via Brussels. Two hundred years ago the owners of the British East India Company destroyed India by the same crimes. ((Nick Robbins. The Corporation that Changed the World: How the East India Company Shaped the Modern Multinational, 2006.))

In August 1914, what Barbara Tuchmann so prosaically called the “guns of August” began to fire. ((Barbara Tuchmann. The Guns of August, 1962.)) What Pauwel later called The Great Class War began — it was to be over by Christmas. ((T.P. Wilkinson. “Romanticism and War”: Contextualising a Theory of Interpretation, Dissident Voice, September 15, 2016.)) By 1921, some fifty million were dead, almost as many as Event 201 assumed in its little plan game. A century of organising the labouring classes ended in the West. Not the scarcity of labour was the problem, but the scarcity of life itself among labourers was the result.

We find ourselves a herd of deer, caught in the blinding headlamps of the great armoured car racing down the road, having shot out all the streetlamps with its top-mounted MG. Not one is able to drive them across the road and away from the crushing steel plate under which their bones and flesh will be melded into the slowly cooling tar of one hot summer’s day.

  • UPDATED (4 April): to note the contagion is called novel coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2, while the disease is COVID-19.
Dr T.P. Wilkinson writes, teaches History and English, directs theatre and coaches cricket between the cradles of Heine and Saramago. He is author of Unbecoming American: A War Memoir and also Church Clothes, Land, Mission and the End of Apartheid in South Africa. Read other articles by T.P..