with the spring comes hope

working in the yard
i hear the call of the mourning doves
i know it well
i also know love and
its power to inspire

this past week
when sister moon
was high in the mid-afternoon sky
when brother sun
nearing the equinox
appeared brightly above the trees
i took a walk
soon i was near the woods where
the daffodils have broken through the soil
the hope of spring is near

the mourning doves call again
and my thoughts turn to peace and love

my mind is focused on the hope that is
intertwined with the tomorrows
that will come with the spring

Paul Cech has been writing poetry since 1970. Several of his poems have been published as Saturday Poems in the Pittsburgh- Post Gazette and the Thomas Merton Center of Pittsburgh has published several of his poems in NewPeople. Read other articles by Paul.