These Songs Kill Fascists

These Songs Kill Fascists, my latest album,  is an ode to Woody Guthrie, a call to fight fascism outside and internally.  Featuring Mick Jenkins, Psalm One, Denver jazz legend Ron Miles, and platinum producer DJ Pain 1, the album tackles issues such as the murder of Heather Heyer, Denver’s history with the KKK, gentrification, rape culture, migration, abolishing ICE, the alienation of technology, and my friendship with the late Lonnie Pops Lynn. All  proceeds from the single “Seeds” will be donated to Jeanette Vizguerra’s movement Sanctuary For All.  Ms. Vizguerra is an undocumented mother currently in sanctuary in Denver.

Time is a hip-hop artist from Denver who has worked with Common, Kool Keith, Talib Kweli, and Xiu Xiu. Time is host of the Time Talks podcast, which discusses anarchist and critical theory, he is a journalist, and has published multiple articles with Noam Chomsky. Read other articles by Chris, or visit Chris's website.