The War on Terror

And the weary moons gazed down on the enshadowed
Meadows, the dawn was unbowed, yet the demons
Were unleashed upon it, the virtuous pleaded on the altar
Of reason to stop the violence, yet in vain, for the band

Of evil angels had unleashed their demonic onslaught,
Slaughtering countless innocents upon the now bloody
Sands; and the word unraveled on that most harrowing
Of hours, as the mind was duly drowned unto the sun’s

False prophecy, and the hearth was cruelly shattered on
A broken bower bereft of light, as chaos engulfed all that
Stood beneath the now defiled firmament, and Babel duly
Reigned as the machinery of death was set in motion, the

Enslaved breaking out in open warfare, each against the
Other, setting upon one another in blind psychopathic rage –
Although they knew not why – thereby belittling their own
Cause against the barbarian; and the screen touched down

Unto the song of Lucifer, while anarchy reigned over a
World ever teetering, the mindless thus transfixed with
Materialism’s curse defiling; yet the gunrunner was happy
For Death was on the march, and there were countries to

Be obliterated and hearts and minds to slay, whereon the
Anti-human unleashed the full power of the doomsday,
And the Antichrist reigned and countless innocents were
Slaughtered, all the while Judas guffawed and smoked on

A cigar, and blithely spoke of trivialities inane, and he knew
Not what, while yet more carnage was unleashed upon the
Desecrated meadows – once the monster was unleashed it
Could not be stopped – and the angels of death delighted in

The slaughter, so that terror spawned terror and the more
Terror reigned the more money was made, so that each in
Turn fed upon the other

David Penner’s articles on politics and health care have appeared in Dissident Voice, CounterPunch, Global Research, The Saker blog, OffGuardian and KevinMD; while his poetry can be found at Dissident Voice, Mad in America, and Also a photographer, he is the author of three books of portraiture: Faces of The New Economy, Faces of Manhattan Island, and Manhattan Pairs. He can be reached at Read other articles by David.