Scarlet Balloon

Every bamboo in south-east Asia is turning
yellow in the groves
in the last week of November – the month
of eating oranges in loneliness

Idols of owls and elephants hug
the warriors in sleep , licking the scars
of the massacre and huge defeats . Colourful balloons
go up between old immigration buildings

gasping for baby food and oxygen
I know I need to mend my shoes
clip my nails
shampoo my arm pits, take extra medicines

for my shadow in grief
I have to search the alleys and back alleys
of the autumn’s grove
for a scarlet balloon in my sleep

Sekhar Banerjee is a bilingual poet. He has three collections of poems and a monograph on an Indo-Nepal border tribe to his credit. His poems in English have been published in some of the major literary journals in India and abroad . Lately, he has been selected as the Author of the Month by Setu - a bilingual monthly journal published from Pittsburgh , USA. Read other articles by Sekhar.