Pandemic Child

For Emily and Henry

Pushed from a dark
Warm watery place
Into a pandemonium
Of terrors.
It’s always this way.

A tumbling fall,
A stopped breath,
A hidden, broken vein,
A stilled heart.
A new germ.

Each day
A spin of the wheel,
Each night
A kiss of hope.
Now comes the pandemic child.

Roger Stoll lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and has published articles, book reviews and political poetry in Black Agenda Report, Counterpunch, Dissident Voice, Internationalist 360, Jewschool, Marxism-Leninism Today, MintPress News, MRonline, New Verse News, Orinoco Tribune, Popular Resistance, Resumen Latinoamericano, San Francisco Examiner, and ZNet. Read other articles by Roger.