Fire Bird!

The bird of fire
Flew across the sky

Giving rise to dreams,
Aspirations and hope

Of a turnaround from
All that is anti-human.

The bird of fire
Flew across the sky.

The rulers got scared.
They came up with new


Of dividing people. Blood spilled
On footpaths, highways

Houses and shops were burnt,
Men and women lost their


But the bird of fire
Refused to rest.

It flew again across the sky.

There will be revolution now!

People will arise, people will bring the

With fire in their belly and resolve
In their heart, they will cross the
Victory line,
this time!

Pranab Ghosh is an award-winning Indian journalist and writer, who has worked for major news outlets of the country, including HT Media Ltd., Eenadu Digital, TNIE, Business India group etc.. His books of poems have been published by English and Canadian publishers. Read other articles by Pranab.