An Identity Equation

On the left hand side
liberty, equality, fraternity were added up to form
a fiery red revolutionary face
multiplied by dreams of rights, reforms, progress
for the sake of power they chase.
As they imprisoned the heavy ideals with red hardcovers,
like the brackets always in pair,
after division of their revolution by the empty promises
all that survived was their chair.

On the right hand side
authority, hierarchy, duty paraded in a row to build
a dream nationalist state
divided into one who can fight to survive, and
the one left to fate.
As they subtracted freebies from the masculine pride
that dictated not to share,
after the multiplication of hunger pushed people away
all that survived was their chair.

Probal Basak, 31, an allumni of IIMC, New Delhi, India started his career as a journalist, who worked with Press Trust of India, Business Standard reporting mostly on socio-political issues. He now writes poems both in English and Bengali (mother tongue). Read other articles by Probal.