an early north american

alone yet
at home in this place
means we were here before?
the spirit this land swims in
was like water before the sea went back
the cleanness of the air
part of me part of that
after the escape from europe
bloodline ripped free
from a watchmaker god
to be

in joy
and at the mercy
of this land
loving and waiting
for the answer to why
this dialogue with the spirit
about us
gradually became my life
enduring each other

i never asked
i was broken to love
no i did ask
when i prayed to be loved
alone in the tall grass
as a child was my soul
the child seized up
by an eagle and born into the sky
leaving me alive

John Bart Gerald is a poet/journalist living in Montreal. He writes the website concerned with the prevention of genocide. Read other articles by J. B..