Trajectories #16

On the down side of a dark day
every tree along the street
keeps its opinion to itself
and a sigh drifts out toward
the four lonely peaks
imprinted on the distant clouds.
Two rabbits have come
to eat the last daylight from the lawn
while starlings on the power lines
are chattering Darkness, all is darkness,
before they rise in concert
with the news. Once again, the sum
is so much more
than all its parts. It makes a weighty tome
of the report
released just now, just as
a cold and swollen raindrop
reached the Earth
and upon touching solid matter
sparkled in the crepuscular moment
that passes too fast
for human time to measure.

David Chorlton lived in Vienna for most of the 1970s before moving to Phoenix. It was an exchange of wind and rain for the desert heat and a cultural shift. He has a non-fiction book published this year that tells the story of a 1961 murder near Vienna, for which one of his cousins was wrongly convicted. That is "The Long White Glove," from New Meridian Arts. Read other articles by David.