Quick Pics

A baseball player
wanting to win
stands for the National Anthem
hand on heart,
but not really listening
intent on getting a hit.

A concentration camp guard
wanting obedience
listens to a Beethoven sonata,
swept away by its beauty,
while his prisoners,
live in terror.

A business man
wanting greater profits
listens to classic rock on his IPOD
while signing the contract
that will move his factory
to another land,
costing thousands of jobs at home.

A politician
wanting more power
listens to whale music,
trying to sooth his seething mind
while plotting and scheming
for higher office,
at the expense of the people.

An immigrant
wanting a better life
listens to salsa,
while trying to quell her fears
that an irate president
frothing about dreamers,
will send her home.

Gary Beck spent his life as a theater director/playwright. He has had 21 poetry books, 7 novels, 3 short story collections and 1 book of essays published. Gary’s original plays and translations of Moliere, Aristophanes and Sophocles have been produced Off-Broadway in New York City, where he resides. Read other articles by Gary.