Outpouring of International Solidarity as RCMP Arrest Unist’ot’en Matriarchs

As of now people in the Healing Center are safe and not being threatened with arrest, and the four brave land defenders from 44 were released today after spending the weekend in jail.

Rail lines continue to be blocked and people have poured into the streets, banks, and Government offices outraged by the RCMP’s arrest of Unist’ot’en Matriarchs and grotesque violation of Wet’suwet’en Law.

Indigenous Youth who have been occupying the ceremonial entrance to the BC Legislature with an encampment since Thursday are calling for people to join them as police action has been threatened in advance of John Horgan’s speech from the throne happening tomorrow!

Freda and Brenda before being arrested yesterday

Police Van Forcibly Removing Freda Huson from her home in Wet’suwet’en Territory. Coastal Gas Link Workers who have built a Man Camp in Unist’ot’en Territory Removed Red Dresses Symbolizing Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women from Unist’ot’en Bridge

Despite over 30 people being arrested at the Port of Vancouver early Monday morning, people returned and shut down the rail line into the port yesterday.

Indigenous Youth are hosting open meetings Wednesday to organize a shut down of all government Ministries in Victoria! This can be replicated elsewhere!

In London, New Zealand, WA DC, Seattle, The Bay and more people are shutting down Canadian Embassies and Consulates: Find one near you here.

Red dresses symbolizing Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women hung at BC Legislature in Victoria after CGL removed Red Dresses from Unist’ot’en Bridge! Join the Encampment!

Bank of Montreal (CGL financier) Office Shut Down by over 500 people yesterday

Rail Line into Port of Vancouver Shut Down yesterday

Action at Canadian Consulate in Seattle: Find a consulate near you here

Round Dance in Intersection in Downtown Winnipeg

“Reconciliation Bridge” in Calgary Shut Down yesterday

Indigenous Youth and Supporters Occupy Carolyn Bennett; Minister of Crown and Indigenous affairs Office.

The ongoing occupation of the BC Capitol

Keep up the Pressure! This fight is just getting rolling!

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