coup d’état

“Little Boy and the Police” (Photo by Devin Allen)

there can be no peace
until every child
has a hot meal

there can be no treaties
until we sit down
and negotiate the revolution

not one hostage
shall be released
until you hang those

until those judges
mayors and corrupt officials
are all buried

• Sec0nd of four poems in honour of Black History month (February 2020)

Lamont Lilly is a political activist, former columnist, poet and people’s journalist. During the Movement for Black Lives, Lamont traveled the U.S. as full-time field staff and a national organizer. Much of his writing derives directly from the marginalized—from the streets of mass struggle, and the Black experience in the U.S. South. In 2016, he was the Workers World Party U.S. Vice-Presidential Candidate. E-mail him at: Read other articles by Lamont.