Black Death: Resurrection

A priest, a monk, and a nun stood out upon a
Harrowing windswept hill and watched until the
Fires of vengeance had roared and the merciless
Flames devoured the sinner; bowing their heads

In prayer, they asked the Almighty to forgive the
Heathen – a once human form now charred beyond
All transience, to incite terror in all who roamed
About the plain; descending from fleeting zones

Unraveling, a primeval haze enveloped the soldiers
Of the Lord – a haze that unlocked the mind of all
That is, that was, and that shall yet be; evanescing
Roamed the world of dream beyond the interrealm,

As the air dissolved upon Golgotha’s shores, the
Defiled meadow was lost beyond the firmament, and
Time’s ephemeral mirror was drowned beyond the
Fading of the half-light; the haze had lifted, the circle

Was complete, whereon the trio had vanished, while
In their place walked a psychiatry professor, a Doctor
Of Psychology, and an MSW; and the wolves cried
Out unto the howling of the moons, and the fox fled

The prairie, knowing no greater horror than man’s
Eyes, starless night upon a bleeding brain; on the
Dais where the mad rule over the sane, and the fires
Of Hell rage beyond the crumbling of the ramparts.

David Penner has taught English and ESL within the City University of New York and at Fordham. His articles on politics and health care have appeared in CounterPunch, Dissident Voice, Dr. Linda and KevinMD; while his poetry has been published with Dissident Voice. Also a photographer, he is the author of three books: Faces of Manhattan Island, Faces of The New Economy, and Manhattan Pairs. He can be reached at: 321davidadam@gmail. Read other articles by David.