The Disturbing Vision through the Binoculars of Time

The ocean’s waves banged against the side of my small boat
And splashed onto my face bringing me back to this dreadful world
Conscious and alert once again after being lost at sea and passing out
Exhausted with no hope to find land in the middle of nowhere.

The prying eyes of the unfriendly seagulls circling above my head
Drowned my troubled mind panicking in unpleasant imaginations,
And the ceaseless water of the vast Atlantic with all its fame and riches
Curtailed its generosity failing to provide any respite from the persisting thirst.

Suddenly I noticed something on the surface of the turbulent water
Shining bright, floating gently toward my rocking boat.
As I stretched my hand eagerly to grab that unknown thing
My desperate attempt for salvation, I soon found out
Much to my surprise that it was a pair of magical binoculars
That gave its possessor a vision through the opposing stages of time.

As I set the year to 1989 and turned toward the direction
From which I started my unfortunate journey as an adventure,
I saw people in rugged clothes smiling broadly and shaking hands
As they passed through a fallen wall, the remnant of a dark history.

And in the direction toward which the blowing wind dragged forcefully
My unwilling boat, I saw as I set the year three decades in the future
People in the grandest attire moving around at high speeds in levitated cars
Indicating advancement and prosperity possible only in my wildest dreams
Go about their normal lives on either side of a towering wall
As if nothing existed on the other side or was of no concern even if anything did
With the much-cherished concepts of humanity and brotherhood totally separated
In the name of nationalism forever by a monumental concrete structure.

And when I hastily set the binoculars to the present date
Bewildered by what I saw and hoping for a solution to my present suffering,
The viewing glasses shut themselves up and the instrument broke
Cautioning me what to expect when I set my foot on dry land if ever again.

V S Balakrishnan is 28 years old from Tamil Nadu, India, and has completed a BA in English Literature. He enjoys writing poetry and short stories, both in English and in his mother tongue, Tamil, in which he is currently writing his first book. V S can be reached at Read other articles by V S.