The Baton of Fire

The play is over and the curtains are down.
The stadiums have already become empty
Making room for the cleaning team
To get in and do their job.
2016 had its day and has now become history
In the ever-passing time like any other year.

The spotlight has been moved away
From the glittering streets of Rio
Where people go to bed when the sun sheds its first ray of light
In early morning accompanied by the touch of the gentle breeze
After a busy, eventful day or rather call it a night
And parties whether private or national, historical or creative
Fight for their place in the already crammed calendar.

The fire baton has been handed over to Sydney
But the fervor is missing among the future champions
And their die-hard fans who were eagerly expecting its arrival
But not in this fierce fiery form.

It is the turn of Australia now and it is burning.
The bright orange glow painted over the clear blue sky
The spotless reflection of the burning land below
Is instantly captivating if not for the accompanying
Billowing smoke and the blazing heat
That blurs our passion and melts away the joy.

The glowing flame scalding hot is on its way
Through many other unfortunate countries
Burning bright, turning everybody’s dreams
For a better future into heaps of ashes
Before it ultimately reaches its destination
(Pray) with a much lesser intensity for everybody’s sake
In 2020, the land of the rising sun.

V S Balakrishnan is 28 years old from Tamil Nadu, India, and has completed a BA in English Literature. He enjoys writing poetry and short stories, both in English and in his mother tongue, Tamil, in which he is currently writing his first book. V S can be reached at Read other articles by V S.