Sting of Sarcasm

What a flourishing,
Exceptional country,
The land of the
Fanatical free.
Freedom to screw

Whom you damn well
Please just as long as
You’re on bended knees,
And not remotely any
Different from me.

What a divergent and
Skeptical country, a land
Where brutality breeds.
Freedom to chew, then
Spew debris venomously,

Just as long as you’re on
Bended knees, and not
Remotely any different
From me. What a

Maliciously indefensible
Country, oh land of poverty
And greed. Freedom to
Subdue those beneath

You with ease, just as
Long as you’re on bended
Knees, and not remotely
Any different from me.

Kenneth Vincent Walker is a "New Formalist" Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Performer, and Author of BORDERLINE ABSURD (An Exercise in Rhyme and Reason), published by Poem Sugar Press 2015. Read other articles by Kenneth Vincent.