Vanguards of the Revolutions: Part 3

They don’t watch it on the news
From their televisions or cellphones.
No, it’s unfolding right outside of their
The clicks and blasts,
Shells of bullets and shards of glass,
Smoke and fire,
Fists and weapons – rancorous and

The scene ripening. Their eyes motionless.
Their mother offers light, loving touches
onto each of their shoulders.
A reassurance that this day will pass and
there will be a better tomorrow.
Unaware that the seeds have been sown
In their hearts and minds a commitment to
a solution for society; the ultimate
sacrifice for any revolution – grow older,
walk away, and never procreate.

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Gaiyaiobi Xzandis-Zaevan is a researcher, consultant, and writer of poetry, short stories, plays, and essays. He is currently residing in USA. Read other articles by Gaiyaiobi.