Vanguards of the Revolutions: Part 2

“No justice! We fight, we fight!”
Syncopated claps accompanies their
Their emotions are clear:
“Justice is what we’re fighting for!”

More foot stomping is heard
Prepared, controlled stomps,
From men with hateful stares
Soldiers. Carved by sculptors in love
with power.

From the speakers, a voice commands,
“Law and order must prevail.
Disperse now
Or these men will be ordered to shoot!”

Silence. Then …
He emerges from the crowd,
A leader. Staring at his supporters,
Then at the soldiers.

He pumps his fist and shouts, “Noooooo!”
The crowd queues in their support, “No!”
Soldiers march forward.

The guns are drawn and clicked
They shout and rush forward, “No!”
The guns are pointed at them
Again they move forward, “No!”

Molotov’s are lit from rooftops
“Disperse now!”
“No! No! No! No!”
“Fire now!”

Bullets fired.
Molotov’s thrown.
Smoke and fire.
Burning cities.

Inside the eyes of every child,
These images …
At their fingertips,
Click and view.

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Gaiyaiobi Xzandis-Zaevan is a researcher, consultant, and writer of poetry, short stories, plays, and essays. He is currently residing in USA. Read other articles by Gaiyaiobi.