Ignorance is strength?!

Do not go
Beyond alphabets,
Words and phrases
And read the lines in between
The sentences …

Do not think
Beyond literary meaning
Of words, phrases and sentences …

Do not understand
The ‘meaning of meaning’
For, that could lead
To the opening of ‘Pandora’s Box’

Just live!
Like a living corpse!

If you start
Thinking …
You start agitating
And organizing
Masses to protest
Rule …!

You become sensitive
Towards poverty, unemployment,
Sufferings of downtrodden,
Racism, casteism, communal hatred,
And stark social discrimination …
Leading to proactive rebellion!

If your brain works too much,
You start learning
Historical materialism,
Struggles and insurrection
That would land you in trouble!!

Don’t bother
About War and Freedom!

Remember Orwell …
‘War is Peace
Freedom is slavery …’
(Just ignore!)
Ignorance is strength!!

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