The War That Could Change the World

It is tempting to say that war with Iran is inevitable, and that may certainly be so, but this terrible situation has become a political and media game. A deadly game to be sure, but a game nonetheless. The people who cling to the notion that they have “leaders” to protect them are little more than fools, and this fact alone may lead to a disastrous end to this game of war, as the fools are the ones that allow carnage in their name.

Who in their right mind could in the past have ever envisioned a president “tweeting” about blowing up the world, or threatening to wipe an entire country off the map, women, children, and all? War today is more like a video game played by kids than anything else, as the bulk of the population does not consider the fact that those slaughtered in their name have families, picnics, and soccer games too. This indifference to sheer brutality and murder is astounding, and the weak and empty minds of the masses continues to deteriorate.

The situation with Iran in my opinion is dire. I personally think that this war will take place in the near future, regardless of what ridiculous rhetoric is spewed from the complicit media. This troubles me beyond imagination, but I think this is being planned and orchestrated at the highest levels, meaning above the political idiocy of Trump.

As I attempt to analyse this situation, and figure out the real incentive of those in power, it still eludes me. I know that war is always sought and always important to the power structure of this country and its military industrial complex, but this time the risk of world involvement and mass slaughter seems more possible. This makes me wonder why any war with Iran, whose allies are Russia and China, would be advantageous to the powers that control the U.S. It all seems senseless. Oil is not enough in my opinion to risk such devastating results, so something else is in play here.

I hope I am wrong about any inevitable war with Iran, but the longer this cat and mouse game continues, the more likely a mistake will be made, and a world war could be the possible outcome. This is more dangerous than anyone seems to realize, especially the brain-dead American public, and they are the only ones who can stop this insanity. Irony at this level is impossible to imagine.

Any war with Iran could easily turn into global nuclear war. What is worth that kind of risk? What possible motivation could drive those in power to such an end? I continue to ponder this question, but no logical answer comes to mind. Maybe it is just that the human race has run its course, or maybe all sanity is now lost. Either way, we are doomed if this senseless, and egotistical game of death continues.

Gary D. Barnett [send him mail] is a retired investment professional living and writing in Lewistown, Montana. Visit his website. Read other articles by Gary D..