Dope Peddlers in Brooks Brothers Suits

As government officials seek to assign blame for the opioid crisis that is strangling large parts of the nation, McKinsey (& Company) advice is surfacing in ways that are deeply embarrassing for the influential firm, whose clients include many of the world’s most admired companies. One lawsuit revealed McKinsey recommending that pharmaceutical companies ‘get more patients on higher doses of opioids’ and study techniques ‘for keeping patients on opioids longer’, in “McKinsey had advice on opioids.”

The New York Times, July 28, 2019

When the meeting was over
Big Pharma fully understood
What had to be done: hook
Clients earlier and keep them
Longer on the opioids that
Muffle their pain and despair.
They’d have to grow the clientele.
Sell the happiness pills in every
City, in all neighborhoods, to
Disabled seniors and high
School seniors, and so follow
Advice from McKinsey’s sages,
Those clever MBAs, whose
Advice corporate leaders obey
In their corner offices to stay.
So congrats to highly regarded
And generously rewarded McKinsey.
Godfather of your troubles today
And of the miseries returning tomorrow.

George Salamon lives in St.Louis, MO, where the city and county have only the weather, sports and toasted ravioli in common. Read other articles by George.