While Justice Sleeps

Men who think they own the sun,
never mind the moon,
the earth, and all its resources,
clamor to be heard, their voice the only authority.
Men may have abandoned Justice, yet she lives.
She bides her time.
She waits with her sisters: Liberty, Mercy, Peace,
in caverns in hidden, dark caves,
lit only by bioluminescence,
the light alive, though hidden within.
They tend the last seeds of hope,
nurtured far from the hands of the violent.
The garish sun demands tribute.
Speaks only domination.
Dues paid never earned.
Yet soon all silent truths will be spoken.
The cry of the voiceless, and the unbelieved,
raised above the din of loud-mouthed fools.

Chani Zwibel is a graduate of Agnes Scott College, a poet, wife and dog-mom who was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but now dwells in Marietta, Georgia. She enjoys writing poetry after nature walks and daydreaming. Read other articles by Chani.